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Project PEER Postsecondary Education, Employment, and Research

Postsecondary Education, Employment and Research (PEER) is a program for young adults with developmental disabilities aged 18-21 who participate in special education services of two local education agencies. The CPD hosts the program on the USU campus to facilitate students' participation in social, recreational and employment opportunities with their age peers. The students' education, based upon their Individual Education Plans (IEPs), is facilitated by participation with peers in the campus student community and by job training leading to employment upon post high school graduation. The PEER program is funded by the Cache County and Logan School Districts.

PEER offers young adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to prepare for employment and independence in campus settings and the community. It places students in an inclusive setting along with their age peers who are enrolled in academic programs at USU. PEER students are engaged in activities located in various campus and community locations.


student portrait