Services at CPD

child and caregiver interacting

The CPD addresses a broad array of family and consumer needs through direct service programs in both clinical and community settings. Clinics provide evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment across the lifespan. Early intervention services are available in-home and at the CPD, with teams of therapists working in an interdisciplinary setting to improve the lives of children with developmental disabilities and those who are at-risk. Assistive technology services include programs to help finance equipment, repairs, and loans, as well as a successful program that refurbishes equipment and re-distributes it to Utah citizens at minimal cost. In addition, our AT lab works closely with other CPD programs to fabricate custom items to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities. Other CPD programs provide day services for adults with disabilities, nutrition supports for day-care providers, community recreation programs, and work with young adults in transition. To learn more about available services, please visit the pages below:

Current Services projects