Utah Indicator 14, Post Secondary Outcomes

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Part B is the section of the IDEA which deals with children ages 3 through 21 years-old receiving special education and/or related services. There are 17 indicators that have been identified to monitor the implementation of IDEA in school districts.

Indicator 14 is about the participation in postsecondary settings one year after graduation. This indicator focuses on the percent of youth who had IEPs, are no longer in secondary school, and who have been competitively employed, enrolled in some type of postsecondary school, or both, within one year of leaving high school.

Project Focus
TAESE will assist the Utah State Office of Education in addressing the requirements of Indicator 14 in their State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Report. These activities include: disseminating surveys, survey analysis work, website maintenance, and a final report with the Indicator 14 findings.