Caroline St-Onge, Occupational Therapist

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Center for Persons with Disabilities
6810 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6810

Occupational Therapist, Up To 3 Early Intervention

Caroline works with children between birth and 3 years of age who have feeding difficulties (difficulty maneuvering specific or any kind of food/liquid texture because of decreased control in oro-facial, chewing, swallowing, musculature,or aspiration concerns, or cannot tolerate several food textures, leading to a very limited diet and often growing problems), fine motor concerns (how a child uses his/her hands/arms to manipulate his/her environment: moving toys/objects in/out of containers, stacking blocks or other objects, manipulating 2 toys/objects at a time, shape sorters, puzzles, coloring, picking up small objects with thumb and index finger, stringing beads, opening/closing containers etc...), and children who present with sensory procesing concerns (children who seek excessive or no physical activity, problems with attention span, joint attention and interaction, who over or underreact to specific environmental stimuli or situations).

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