The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Utah Postsecondary Inclusion Project-UPIP

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Project Details

Project Outcomes and activities
A state level action team was formed, representing key stakeholders, to develop a comprehensive, statewide action plan to measurably increase the participation of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in inclusive postsecondary education programs and opportunities.

The action plan addresses inclusion of students with developmental and intellectual disabilities in all phases of campus life (academic, social, administrative and residential). It includes (a) a template for program implementation (adapted to Utah from existing programs and sources such as Project PEER and Think College), (b) detailed funding strategies, (c) options for implementation of the full plan, and (d) recruitment/awareness activities to parents and young adults.  

Ongoing Focus
The Utah Transition Action Team continues to meet on a quarterly basis to coordinate a variety of transition projects that are tied to the strategic plan that UPIP developed. Jeff Sheen, from the CPD, is part of the Action Team and continues to work on broad transition issues.