Integrated Community Systems for Children with Special Health Care Needs

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This project addresses needs identified nationally and locally related to the percentage of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) who have patient/family-centered medical/health home services resulting in comprehensive, coordinated services and supports. Families who are racially, ethnically, and/or linguistically diverse or who live in rural areas are generally less able to access services. These complexities demand coordinated system improvements.

The project goal is to increase the population CYSHCN who receive integrated care through a patient/family-centered medical home approach. The project is a collaboration among the Bureau of Children with Special Health Care Needs, Medicaid, University of Utah Department of Pediatrics, the Center for Persons with Disabilities at USU, UFV, F2FHIC, guided by a broad-based advisory committee.

The State Interagency Team will guide development, including strategies for each grant objective. These objectives include: 1) development of the Utah Integrated Services State Plan (UISSP); 2) participation in quality improvement and collaborative innovation through a cross-state learning community; 3) expansion of Utahs Shared Resource, the Medical Home Portal; 4) enhancement of systems to provide effective care coordination for CYSHCN; 5) increasing the number of CYSHCN who receive care within a medical home; and 6) increasing the number of YSHCN who receive services necessary to transition to adulthood.

Project Design includes data driven iterative quality improvement processes. Surveys and focus groups will assess family and youth satisfaction.

Utilization of data for the Medical Home Portal should provide evidence of its value in the process. Increased family/professional partnerships, enhanced care coordination services and more successful transition services should be achieved.