Increasing safety, empowerment and accessible services to prevent abuse

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Project Context
This project is a three-way collaborative project between the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, the Center for Persons with Disabilities, and the Utah Disability Law Center to prevent abuse, violence and neglect of vulnerable adults with developmental disabilities in Utah.

Project Focus
The main purpose of this five-year project (2011-2016) is to prevent the abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults with developmental disabilities. This will be done by training vulnerable adults with disabilities, their parents and staff on how to identify and prevent financial, physical, verbal and sexual abuse, and about their rights to safety, to speak out and get help.

A secondary purpose of this project is to improve access to services for vulnerable adults with developmental disabiities through training domestic violence/sexual assault shelters and first responders on how to effectively provide services to adults with developmental disabilities.

Project products/services
1. Complete a statewide needs assessment of all potential trainees which includes People First groups, group home staff, support providers, parents, shelters, and first responders.
2. Develop a comprehensive training for adults with developmental disabilities statewide and provide online support to providers statewide.
3. Develop a project website that will offer resources, information, links, and training modules.