The Children's Center Project Evaluation

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The Research and Evaluation Division will evaluate the success of The Children's Center's Trauma Program for Families with Young Children, which is hypothesized to reduce the impact of trauma and violence for young children and their families in Salt Lake City. We will create a trauma informed system of care of child serving agencies to enhance screening and referral of young children. We will increase access to evidence based trauma treatments and develop a standard of care for the treatment of very young children with complex trauma.
Under the direction of The Children's Center, a 501(c)3 not for profit outpatient mental health center in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Trauma Program for Families with Young Children will provide evidence based trauma treatments to children birth to age 8 living in four metropolitan counties: Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, and Weber. Children who participate in the program will have suffered trauma ranging from sexual, physical abuse, or neglect, to witnessing severe domestic violence or traumatic grief. We will specifically focus on children of military personnel who are suffering from grief or the return of an impaired caregiver. Refugee children suffering from the loss of their home and extended family members will be included. And we will work closely with children residing in a domestic violence shelter. Over the four year program we anticipate screening 6000 children for trauma. Of the children screened we will provide trauma informed mental health assessments on 3000 children. We will treat 240 children of military personnel during the grant cycle. By the end of the grant 420 children and families will receive evidence based trauma treatment.