Health Needs of Utahns in Rural Areas

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Project Details

The grant is part of a national effort to improve the health of people with mobility limitations and intellectual disabilities through state-based public health programs. The Utah Developmental Disabilities Council (DHS/UDDC) is serving as a member of the advisory committee for this grant and through the work of this grant the UDOH will be gathering basic health related data that the contractor will be able to collaborate with and utilize to accomplish the service requirements.

Based on the analysis of data, the five counties in Utah with the most serious needs for additional resources in terms of health care professionals and services (including general health, dental, vision, and behavioral and mental health resources for individuals with disabilities)will be identified.

Within the identified counties, research will be conducted to gain a better understanding of access to services (insurance coverage, transportation, linguistic and cultural challenges, availability, etc,), gaps in services, and actual service delivery compared to perceived service delivery by both community providers and individuals with disabilities and their families in those counties. Focus groups will also be conducted and specific examples will be gathered to demonstrate the impact of how these issues impact service providers and Individuals/families.

In addition, a training will be produced regarding health services and accessing health services for individuals and families.