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National Council On Aging Technical Assistance

NCOA is a non-profit organization which educates, provides research and advocates for public policy issues to improve the lives of older adults. NCOAs Center for Benefits includes Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) grantees and Benefit Enrollment Centers (BECs),

The Center for Benefits Access supports 69 Benefits Enrollment Centers (BECs) around the country to help low-income people with Medicare access programs to pay for healthcare, food and more. Using web-based tools and person-centered approaches, the BECs help how income seniors and persons with disabilities find and enroll for all the benefit programs which they are eligible, and create coordinated, community-wide systems of benefit access.

NCOA also service as the ACL-supported resource center for MIPPA grantees. The Center provides training, collects data and disseminates information and best practices.

Project Focus:
The role of the CPD is to provide technical assistance to MIPPA and BEC grantees to improve knowledge in VA structure, VA benefits and partnership building to improve service to Veteran clients.

Project Products/Activities:
Develop a gap survey of CBOs serving Veterans
Develop key resources that introduce VA structure, Military Culture, and navigating the VA system to aging services providers to better service Veteran clients.
Strategize with community-based organizations (CBO) to identify and build partnerships with VA.
Develop a toolkit for CBOs to work with the VA in their community.
Provide presentations via webinars, conferences and regional meetings