Utah Diversity Efforts: Native American Leadership

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The proposed project focuses on increasing awareness of disability issues within Native American (NA)/American Indian (AI) populations in Utah and building disability leadership opportunities for people from this minority group. Utah is home to five NA/AI tribes (Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone, and Navajo) and other racial groups, who consistently demonstrate high need in the areas of education and social services. Utahs NA/AI reports the highest disability percentage. More than half of Utahs NA/AI population are located in rural (24%) and frontier (28%) areas.
Utahs NA/AI health and behavioral outcomes are poor. A 2016 report prepared by Utah Department of Health (Office of Health Disparities) analyzing data from past 15 years found that 96% of the analyzed health indicators showed disparities between NA/AI and the overall Utah population.

The purpose of this project is to support and develop leadership capabilities within Utah Native American communities and increase disability knowledge and information awareness. We propose the following:
1. Increase leadership capabilities of Native American(s) populations
2. Increase knowledge, skills, and network of CPD-UCEDD staff to work with Utahs NA populations on disability issues.
3. Increase disability awareness within NA/AI populations in Utah.

We will collect qualitative data (interviews, observations, and hopefully focus groups) from NA/AI participants (from the tribes represented in Utah) and then develop meetings and other dissemination activities using meaningful, appropriate information for targeted audiences