Utah Disability Diversity Efforts: Native American Leader Fellow

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The proposed project focuses on increasing awareness of disability issues within Native American (NA)/American Indian (AI) populations in Utah and building disability leadership opportunities for people from this minority group. Utah is home to five NA/AI tribes (Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone, and Navajo) and other racial groups, who consistently demonstrate high need in the areas of education and social services. Utahs NA/AI reports the highest disability percentage (www.disabilitystatistics.org/ reports/report.cfm?fips=2049000). More than half of Utahs NA/AI population are located in rural (24%) and frontier (28%) areas (http://health.utah.gov/indianh/pdfs/AmericanIndian_FINAL). Our focus will be on disability awareness and leadership on Utahs NA/AI populations with emphasis on rural/remote groups but also include urban issues.