The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Juvenile Competency and Attainment

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Project Context
The Juvenile Competency and Attainment program will be based on House Bill 393. This bill enacts standards and procedures for juvenile competency proceedings.

The JUV project will compare current laws, standards, processes, and materials used in Utah. This bill enacts standards and procedures for juvenile competency proceedings, for adult competency as well as review what has been developed and used in other states for juveniles.

Project Services/Products
1. Written standards will be developed including the criteria for competency for the Juvenile Competency Evaluations.
2. A template will be produced for the Evaluation Report and a sample report for training purposes.
3. A training program will be developed considering the required qualifications for the evaluators.
4. A template/outline will be developed for an Attainment Plan. This will include placement, treatment, and other supports and services as well as logistics for the planned attainment training.
5. A standardized Attainment Curriculum will be developed with all the required written materials for implementation. The attainment program will include objective data and a brief report that documents completion of the program and the juvenile's performance.