IOTI - Healthy Transitions

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Project Details

This project supports youth and young adults with special health care needs and their families in their efforts to understand the transition of health care, including providers and services. The project provides youth, young adults and families with the opportunity to meet others who are facing the same challenges to receive and provide support to one another. Agencies, families, and the informal supports in the community work together to ensure that all youth/young adults and families receive the information they need to make informed decisions about transitioning into adulthood for optimal health and well being. By partnering with local communities this project provides training for families, where these opportunities might not otherwise be provided.

Objectives Include:
1. Increasing participants' understanding of the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare
2. Assisting participants in identifying appropriate health insurance and funding resources
3. Providing resources and strategies to support participants in advocating and accessing appropriate and timely care.
4. Increasing the statewide training capacity for staff of Utah Family Voices at the Utah Parent Center to provide Healthy Transitions for Individuals with Special Health Care Needs and their families for families, health care providers and other professional partners.

Anticipated Outcomes
As a result of their participation, parents will increase their knowledge about health care transition and the resources available, improve well being of youth/young adults with special needs and their families, and increase the numbers of youth and young adults, parents and professionals across the state utilizing the knowledge and tools for transition planning and presence into the adult health care system and services.