IOTI - Youth in Transition

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Transition planning is a difficult and challenging time for many parents of young adults with special needs. As children age into adulthood, the need for information, referral, supports and services for parents increases.

The Utah Parent Center, using content developed and data gathered in live workshops offered to parents in 2016-17 on topics of person-centered planning, soft skills, and life-long learning will develop modules in video format to be posted on the UPC website. Twenty new resources will be created that can be provided in multiple formats. In addition, three live webinars and/or podcasts on related topics will be offered based on input from families and collaborators. The webinars and related resources will be archived on the UPC website.

Parents whose family member receives services from schools and across a range of agencies serving youth and adults with disabilities will inform the activities and access the resource. Collaborating partner agencies and organizations will serve as reviewers and presenters for webinars, contributing expertise and content unique to their particular perspective and services.