IOTI-Celebration of Self Determination

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Self determination is the ability to make choices and decisions consistent with one's values, preferences, strengths, and needs. Research supports the value of living a more self determined life for individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, alternative decision making approaches which promote and support the development of the capacity for self determination are underutilized.

The objectives of the program are to encourage persons with disabilities to expand their capacity to express preferences and make choices and to empower them to exercise as much authority and decision making power in their own lives as possible

A symposium featuring speakers at the forefront of the self-determination movement will highlight best practices and model programs locally and nationally and provide tips and lessons learned from individuals with disabilities and their supporters.

The target audience will give family members, professionals, and policymakers a chance to break into groups to ask questions, discuss concerns, and talk about the next steps. The symposium will be followed by a series of webinars focused on how to implement the concept using available alternative decision-making tools.

Expected outcomes include knowledge acquisition, attitudinal change, and utilization of newly gained information and resources.