IOTI - Positive Behavior Supports in Homes and Communities

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Project Context:
Presenting positive and socially appropriate behaviors, as well as managing inappropriate behaviors, can be key as a person with disabilities progresses from their early years into school settings and later into adulthood and employment opportunities. Family members and caregivers need training on specific behavioral supports and interventions so they can help people with disabilities achieve success. In addition, people with disabilities need to learn skills in dealing with the increasing prevalence of bullying.

Project Focus
Training targets parents, family members, professionals and paraprofessionals supporting families of people with disabilities, especially families with limited supports and minimal access to available resources. The project works in conjunction with other outside agencies to increase outreach capacity.

Project Services:
* Participants gain tools to understand positive behavior supports
*Participants gain an understanding of basic functional assessment and treatment planning
* Participants acquire better skills to manage difficult and disruptive behaviors
* Participants learn techniques to manage disruptive behaviors at home, school, work, and in the community