IOTI - LRBI Training Videos for Parents

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In September of 2015, the Utah State Board of Education released a new version of the Least Restrictive Behavioral Intervention (LRBI) Technical Assistance guide. The guide, geared primarily to an audience of educators, articulates significant changes made to support students with behavioral challenges in schools, and significant training is being provided to school professionals. However, vital information and training resources for parents and families is lacking.

Under the guidance of the Utah Parent Center, experienced parent trainers and cross agency collaborators will create new evidence-based content that is targeted for parents. Twelve training video modules (6 English, 6 Spanish) on what parents need to know about the new LRBI guidelines. Topics include behavior intervention plans; seclusion and restraint; manifestation determination hearings; ideas for positive behavioral interventions; working effectively with professionals to address behavior concerns; and an overview of the LRBI manual.

The completed video modules will be posted to the UPC website. Information and online resources will be made available. In addition, three webinars and/or podcasts on related topics will be offered based on input from families and collaborators.