IOTI-Guardianship and Pro Se Training

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Project context:
Families with children and adults with disabilities are confused about the issues of guardianship and conservatorship due to misinformation and a lack of education related to guardianship. Families, professionals, and educators throughout the state of Utah especially in rural areas, where this information has almost been nonexistent, need to receive training about the process of guardianship.

Project Objectives.
Project objectives include teaching families, professionals, and educators throughout the state of Utah about guardianship, including community outreach and maintaining relationships with provider agencies. Basic Guardianship training provides information about the process for guardianship including how to seek guardianship and/or conservatorship, types of guardianship under Utah statute, choices of ways to proceed, when to seek guardianship, and how to determine when a family member requires this protection.

Six additional workshops provide Pro Se Training in which participants receive information for filing court documents necessary in a guardianship proceeding and how to represent themselves in a court hearing.

Project Services
Guardianship training sessions are provided to families and professionals statewide. Presentations include information, guidelines and recommendations established by the National Guardianship Association and from the Utah Guardianship Statute.

Project outcomes include better awareness and understanding of the guardianship process. Training addresses guardianship issues for individuals in the areas of DD, MH, and aging.