The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

IOTI - Family Training: From No Where to Know Where

Project Details

Provides information and training for families about complex transition issues and changing regulations that impact transition planning and IEPs, about assessments, graduation options, eligibility criteria for adult services and programs, as well as post-secondary education opportunities. Families learn to effectively navigate across systems to access ervices and develop negotiation, positive advocacy, and decision making skills to be effective team members in planning for adult life. Other objectives include the preparation of effective trainers to provide culturally competent outreach and training addressing these topic areas to Spanish-speaking families.

Three trainers' sessions will be conducted in urban and rural locations to prepare a cadre of 35 trainers who will then participate as co-trainers in the 4-6 full day workshops in rural and urban areas. These trainers will also continue training and dissemination activities within their own communities.