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Adult service programs are continually looking for training and development for their staff. The objective of the proposed project is to continue the project training efforts and to respond to the unique nature of adult service systems by providing efficient, convenient, and comprehensive employment training to direct service staff, other related professionals, and parent groups.

Project Focus:

The Utah Employment Specialist Training project (USET) trains paraprofessionals to serve as job coaches in supported employment using a competency-based approach that teaches both knowledge and application of knowledge in the field. Community service agencies and organizations can refer employees for the training on topics pertinent to experienced job coaches and the consumers they serve.

USET offers a 40 hour basic employment ACRE certificate upon completion of the course. The ACRE certificate is a 40 hour competency based training. For new employment specialists, a special 6 hour introductory training is offered. Several live and Web based specialty topic training activities around employment are also available to trainees and other interested parties throughout the training based on topics identified through a needs assessment survey.

1. Implement a Training Needs Assessment
2. Develop and Conduct 5 ACRE Basic Employment Trainings
3. Develop and Conduct six 6-hr Introductory Trainings on Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
4. Develop and Conduct Online Synchronous Webinars based on topics identified through the needs assessment survey.