IOTI-Elder Abuse Prevention

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Abuse can occur at home, in the community, or in institutions. Aging individuals, especially those with disabilities are often targeted and are at higher risk for physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse and neglect than younger individuals without disabilities. In addition people who are elderly may lack knowledge about where to report abuse or they may want to protect an abusive family member or rely on them for assistance. Caregivers usually don't know the signs of abuse and police and professionals often miss the signs of elder abuse.

The purpose of the project is to first teach caregivers and people who are older how to recognize abuse, reduce their risks, and access resources. Second, train law enforcement, legal advocates, court personnel, and aging professionals to ensure that elder abuse, especially among those with disabilities, is recognized and effectively addressed.

Training workshops for caregivers and elders, and for justice/aging/disability professionals is based on established curriculum.

Evaluation activities will determine the project's impact on training participants.