IOTI - Behavioral Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior

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It is common for individuals with disabilities to exhibit problem behavior. This is compounded by the lack of qualified professionals to deliver behavior analytic services, and limited access to high quality training. The training methods used to teach skills to address problem behavior may be ineffective and many professionals may not feel adequately equipped to address problem behavior. In addition, it may be the case that individuals delivering the training may not be experts in the field. For example, the trainers may not be certified by the behavior analysis certification board and/or may not have sufficient direct clinical experience working with individuals who engage in a wide variety of moderate to severe problem behavior. This project seeks to overcome those barriers to effective training.

The Utah Behavioral Support Clinic is associated with the Dept of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Utah State University specializing in the use of effective, evidence-based approaches to develop positive behavior strategies in order to reduce problem behavior and increase functional communication and living skills in individuals with disabilities.

The project will use a combination of online, module-based training, online discussions, and in-person workshops to deliver training to families, staff, and professionals working with individuals with disabilities who exhibit problem behavior. The 40-hr online training will focus on use of evidence-based practices to assess and treat problem behavior for individuals with disabilities. Participants will be from a variety of community agencies providing residential and community supports for individuals with disabilities and their families. Training materials include examples spanning toddler through adulthood, service delivery settings, and implementers.

The modules will be asynchronous giving learners maximum flexibility in terms of when they access and interact with the modules. The modules will be disseminated to school districts, service providers, and families across the state.

Training modules will cover the following topics: 1) an in-depth review of basic behavior analytic terminology; 2) an introduction to the application of behavior analytic principles in a variety of contexts; 3) assessment of problem behavior; 4)selection and design of function-based treatments; 5) implementation of the treatment; and 6)monitoring the treatment.

The project will provide an additional live 2-day, hands-on training plus follow-up consultations.

Each participants will leave the workshop having demonstrated their applied knowledge of the assessment and treatment of problem behavior in a variety of contexts.

Each training module will require approximately 3-6 hours to complete, with a cumulative time of online CBI training of approximately 24 hours and will result in a certificate of completion. Modules may be used towards teacher re-licensure, where 1 hour of training is equal to 1 point. Other agencies may use the training to fulfill internal professional development requirements.