IOTI - Low Tech Assistive Technology

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Nearly 4% of Utah school-aged children have disabilities. Often these children are in need of assistive technology in many settings, but because of cost and lack of services/knowledge, their needs are not being met. The proper use of appropriate assistive technology can increase children's cognitive, communication, fine and gross motor, mobility, and social skills. Training on AT is critically needed.

These training workshops are targeted to professionals and paraprofessionals associated with school districts, including assistive technology specialists, special education specialists and teachers, as well as students and parents. Training will be provided in eight rural and remote locations of the state of Utah.

The objectives of the program are to1) Train participants in the use of low-tech and low cost AT; 2) Increase participants' knowledge on how to fabricate and use AT devices correctly; 3) Help participants identify and match the most beneficial technologies (both existing and those to be developed) to the student or child with a disability; 4)Increase participants' knowledge of existing agency resources and services.

The training team consists of the Occupational Therapist, AT Laboratory Director, training specialist and dissemination specialist of the Utah Assistive Technology Program, working in conjunction with Utah AT Teams and schools across the state.

Expected Outcomes: The training will provide participants with an increased knowledge and understanding of low-cost, low-tech AT and how to develop and use it correctly. Training and project evaluations will ensure that the training is effective.