Developmental Skills Laboratory

Project Details

Adults with developmental disabilities need to participate in meaningful activities that are age- and developmentally appropriate and that are goal directed. These activities need to be individually planned to train and maintain the individual in the areas of communication, self care, independent living skills, fine and gross motor skills and social behaviors.

These individuals deserve and need to be in programs that improve their independence, productivity and inclusion in community life.

Adults with disabilities live in a variety of situations that include their families, group homes or other supported living environments. Respite care is an essential part of the overall support that families may need in order to keep their child with a disability or chronic illness at home. Respite care should always be geared to meet individual family needs by identifying the type of respite needed and by matching the need to the services currently available.

The Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), formerly known as Bear River Activity and Skill Center (BRASC), is housed on the Utah State University campus and is designed to support adults with disabilities by training and maintaining the skills necessary for their greatest independence. In addition, DSL focuses on providing participants with activities that encourage their inclusion into the community.

The DSL program also supports the families of these individuals by providing a variety of respite services.

DSL provides the following services to children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families:
1. Day program for adults with developmental disabilities that includes training and maintaining skills in self care, independent living, fine and gross motor skills and social behaviors.
2. Supported living services for adults with disabilities.
3. Supported employment services, emphasizing community-based job development and placement.
4. Respite services for children, youth and adults with disabilities.
5. Summer recreation program for children and youth with disabilities.

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