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This project is focused on increasing awareness of disability issues within refugee populations in Utah and building disability leadership opportunities for people of refugee immigrant backgrounds. Currently, more than 50,000 refugees have been resettled in Utah and many of them have health and disability issues (Refugee Health Program, 2011). Concerns are magnified by the growth in racial and ethnic diversity in Utah, especially at younger ages. The need for accessible information for minority and refugee families, including special health care needs, and eliminating decreased service access due to their new arrival status (refugees), language barriers, acculturation/assimilation status, poverty, lack of insurance, and low levels of education (for some) is a challenge but by meeting this challenge we can improve under- representation and increase early identification of children with disabilities. Some of the expected outcomes include: 1.) Increased understanding of the needs of refugees living in Utah 2.) Disability awareness of diverse Utah refugee populations 3.) Diversity leadership participation increase 4.) Increased effective partnerships: The proposed project integrates an important network of active agencies working with diverse populations in Utah. Also, we will encourage participation of leaders or potential leaders from refugee communities on leadership programs and diversity activities sponsored by linked networks. It is anticipated that early identification of children with disabilities from refugee families will increase as a result of this project, although the project will end before measurement is possible.