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This online training program in deafblindness is based on the National Intervener Competencies, the courses are designed to prepare paraprofessionals to work as interveners with children and youth who are deafblind. It can also be useful to teachers, parents, administrators, and adult service providers. The deafblind coursework includes COMD 4660/COMD 6660-Introduction to Deafblindness, COMD 4840/COMD 6840-Vision and Hearing Loss, COMD 4890/COMD 6890-Additional Issues in Deafblindness, COMD 4250-Practicum Work Study. The online training program in blindness includes COMD 3300-Introduction to Blindness and Visual Impairment, COMD 3320-The Human Eye and Visual System, COMD 3330-Introduction to Low Vision, COMD 3340-The Role of Paraeducators with Individuals Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, COMD 3350-Introduction to Multiple Disabilities, COMD 3360-Introduction to Braille