Center for the Integration of IDEA Data (CIID)

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CIID enhances state capacity to report high quality IDEA Part B 616 and 618 data through integration into the statewide longitudinal data system. CIID works directly with states to resolve the challenges associated with fragmented IDEA, SLDS and EDFacts data management practices and data systems architecture. When IDEA data are fully integrated into the SLDS, states will have a more efficient way to complete federal data reporting and will have higher quality IDEA data to improve their states education outcomes.

CIID provides universal, targeted, and intensive TA to:

Assist States in using their SLDS to report high quality IDEA Part B Section 616 & 618 data to EDFacts using the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) and the Generate tool.
Assist States in mapping their IDEA Part B Section 616 & 618 data systems and SLDS using the CEDS Align tool.
Assist States in using the CEDS Connect tool to assist with the integration of IDEA Part B Section 616 & 618 in SLDS.
Assist States in improving the areas needed for successful data integration by focusing on people, processes, and systems.
Assist States in bringing together staff responsible for IDEA data, SLDS, EDFacts, and other areas as needed, to improve the level of IDEA data integration.