Aging and Disability Research Center Evaluation

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Project Details

Project Context:
The Utah Commission on Aging received funding to create a statewide Aging & Disability Research Center (ADRC) in collaboration with the Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services, Division of Services for People with Disabilities, Medicaid Program, 211, Access Utah Network, Area Agencies on Aging, Centers for Independent Living, and the Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) at Utah State University.

Project Focus:
The role of the CPD is to evaluate all aspects of the ADRC project during its development,including the completion and effectiveness of the following goals:

Goal 1: Develop the organizational structure necessary to establish the ADRC.
Goal 2: Establish and maintain a statewide database of long term support options.
Goal 3: Create a statewide awareness, information, and individualized counseling system.
Goal 4: Create a seamless single point of entry to publicly funded long term support programs.
Goal 5: Create a care transition system that provides individuals and caregivers with timely and accurate information about long term support options.

The target population is individuals aged 60 and older and adults with disabilities aged 18 and older, statewide.

Project Products/Activities:
Identified products of the project will be:
1. An operational ADRC
2. A statewide computerized database of information
3. A 5-year state plan
4. An online application for Medicaid long term support programs.

FY 2014