Asset Based Community Development

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1. Need - There is a significant need among the Spanish speaking community in Utah to access medical services. Many individuals do not access services due to a variety of reasons. Language ability, community liaisons, trust, legal status, and a central location to obtain information, among others, are the barriers that prevent this population from accessing health care services.
2. Overall Goals ans objectives - Using the Asset based community development approach as a model, this project aims to identify a group of families and individuals in the Tooele area to learn of their needs and barriers in order to access health care services. Once those needs are identified, a community member will be selected to become the liaison between this group and us at the Center for Persons with Disabilities. We desire to increase the number of families and individuals that have knowledge and access health care services in the targeted community.
3. Unusual Features - We have limited access to the Spanish community in the Tooele area as of know. However, we have been proactive searching agencies and other resources to establish this project.
4. Expected benefits - Families and individuals from the Spanish speaking communities will be able to become knowledgeable and informed about places to access health care services in a proper cultural and linguistic manner.