The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Low-interest loans through UATF help bring independence

Building a ramp, remodeling the bathroom, buying hearing aids; all of these cost money.  Without them, life is hard; with them, life becomes easier and independence increases.

There are many assistive technology items that are available to help people with disabilities, but not all of them are affordable.  There is help available through the Utah Assistive Technology Foundation.

Over the years, the UATF has been able to help hundreds of Utahns with disabilities of all ages obtain loans and grants to purchase the assistive technology that allows them to be independent, productive and to make their lives easier. 

The UATF is a private, non-profit organization and is part of the Utah Assistive Technology program at the CPD.  It provides low-interest loans to individuals with disabilities through it's partner, Zion's Bank.  They have helped families to not only purchase technology devices, but make home modifications, buy adapted vans, among other things.

For more information phone about getting a low-interest loan, call  435-797-2025 or toll free: 800-524-5152, or email: Lois Summers at