The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Recreational Opportunities Through TOP Sports

CPD's Project

TOP Sports Activities

The TOP Sports project, a collaborative partnership made up of Logan and Smithfield City Parks and Recreation programs and the Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD), offers several activities for children and youth with disabilities throughout the year.  TOP Sports organizes recreational and leisure activities within the community that are inclusive and accessible for all participants.

TOP Sports recognizes that most children and adolescents have the option to participate in recreation, after-school activities, weekend team sports, and summer camps; at school, they have a chance to exercise in physical education classes and on the playground at recess. However, these opportunities for fitness and leisure are often limited for children and adolescents with disabilities because of multiple barriers that can stand in the way.  TOP Sports provides activities that include baseball/T-ball, basketball, soccer, bowling, swimming, and art classes. 

CPD personnel  train program directors, activity instructors, parents, and other appropriate individuals/groups to make them aware of the accommodations and techniques needed for these children and youth to fully participate. 

All children and youth with disabilities and their family members are invited to participate in the TOP Sport activities throughout the year and take advantage of these fun opportunities for fitness and leisure.