The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Interpreter Skills Improve with TASK12 Training

TASK12 (Training and Assessment Systems for K-12 Educational Interpreters) Project, a project based at the Research and Evlauation Division at the CPD, provides training for educational interpreters for the deaf in public schools.  This Training of Interpreters in Public Schools (TIPS) is based on the areas of weakness found in interpreters who take the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA), a national test of interpreter skills.

The TASK12 Project is now entering its seventh year as a multi-state project.  Fourteen states are currently involved nationally in assessing educational interpreters on the EIPA and receiving follow up TIPS training by the TASK12 staff.  TIPS guides interpreters through face-to-face and online modules that focus on improving their sign language skills.  The training is followed by a competency test of skills.

In recent years, the Project has observed an improvement in the skills of educational interpreters and higher skill expectations of K-12 interpreters by school administration.  The TIPS training modules have been developed and delivered to interpreters in the state of Arizona and were initiated in the spring/summer of 2009.  This first cohort of interpreters will complete the program in December and be tested for competency using the EIPA.  A second cohort will begin the TIPS training and assessment in 2010.

The TASK12 Project is directed by Dr. Bernhardt Jones and managed by Cheryl Sheffield.