The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

CFS Offers Spanish Translation for Families Seeking Medical Services

CPD's Project

Spanish-speaking families often have difficulty identifying and applying for the services available to children with special healthcare needs in their community.

To address this problem, the Coordinated Family Support (CFS) project has added a Spanish-speaking care coordinator to their team.

The CFS project is a collaborative effort of Intermountain Healthcare's Budge Clinic Pediatric Unit and the Center for Persons with Disabilities. The CFS project focuses on providing medical home services to families who have children with special health care needs within the area of the Budge Clinic, which includes parts of nine rural counties in UT, ID, and WY. CFS-Medical Home can refer families to additional resources in their community and assist them in applying for a variety of programs.

To find out more about the CFS Spanish translation services, contact Jeff Sheen.