The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

PEECSE Creates Digital Books to Promote Literacy

The PEECSE project (Promoting Effective Engagement, Communication and Self-Regulation with English Language Learners) has been working with a team at the Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) Head Start for the past two years to improve language, literacy, and self regulation in children who are second-language learners.

Project staff has been mentoring the OWCAP teachers to work with the children to create books using digital photos on topics suggested by the children.  The children get to have their pictures taken doing common, everyday things in their classroom, such as preparing their favorite food for snack, and then turning the pictures into a story using their own words.  The books will be kept in the library for the children to look at over and over again. 

Creating the digital books not only works on their literacy skills by engaging them in a more personal way, but also, gives them a sense of belonging in their classrooms.  As second-language learners build their communication skills and feel more comfortable in their surroundings, they will interact more with their peers and teachers and be better able to self-regulate their emotions.

The PEECSE project will continue to support the teachers at the OWCAP Head Start program to promote all the children’s engagement, communication, and self-regulation, especially focusing on children who are second-language learners.