Michael Benson

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Office:CPD 215 Lab
Admin - Immunology and Genetics Laboratory
Center for Persons with Disabilities
6580 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6580

Michael Benson has worked in the Center for Persons with Disabilities, Biomedical Laboratory since December 2007 as Lead Technician. He has been involved with many of the autism and preterm birth projects in the lab. His current lab project is doing mRNA expression studies with newborn subjects for the National Children's Study. He graduated from Utah State University in spring 2002 with a major in Biology. His other lab experience was as an undergraduate in the USU Range Entomology lab, summer 2001, and at Omnilytics Inc., 2002-05, as head of the analytical lab studying plant pathogens. Michael's other interests are spending time with his wife and children, working on his family's farm, seeking buried treasure, and spotting UFO's.

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