Lori Roggman

Contact Information

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Office:FL 129
Center for Persons with Disabilities
6580 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6580


Ph.D., 1988, University of Texas (Developmental Psychology)
M.S., 1981, Utah State University (Family & Human Development)
B.S., 1972, Utah State University (Psychology)


Undergraduate: Parenting/ChildGuidance, Infancy/Early Childhood
Graduate: Human Development Theories (6060), Frontiers of Human Development (7060), Topical Seminars on Language Development, Attachment, Play, Fathers.

Research Interests

Early Head Start research project to evaluate intervention with infants and families
Parenting and attachment relationships, from infancy to adulthood
Play behavior in relation to development, from infancy to adulthood
Father-child relationships
Early language and literacy development
Home visits in early intervention

Current Projects

All of these projects offer opportunities for graduate students to be involved in research.


Early Head Start is a program for low-income families with infants, 0-3. USU is one of 15 national research sites evaluating the impact of this program on families.

Impact evaluation--how effective is the program?
Longitudinal development--how do early social and cognitive indicators predict later development?
Parenting--what parenting behaviors and attitudes promote good child development?
Father involvement--what is the impact of early father involvement with infants?
Bookreading-what kind of early bookreading interactions foster later emergent literacy?
New Directions: Collecting data from these children who are now going in to 2nd grade!


This study began in 1990 when the children were 10, 14, and 18 months, and then followed up when they were in 2nd grade.

Attachment-what predicts secure attachment and does it continue into childhood?
Play-what kinds of parent-infant play interactions promote early development?
Temperament-what temperament factors, in child & mother, are related to later social competence?
Social Competence-what are other early predictors of later social competence?
Language-how does early joint attention foster language development and later school success?

New Directions: Collecting data from these children who are now going in to 8th grade!

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