Cyndi Rowland, Ph.D.

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Office:CPD 212
Center for Persons with Disabilities
6800 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6800

Dr. Rowland is the Associate Director at the CPD. She directs projects that focus on the use of technology and the preparation of personnel. She is the Executive Director of WebAIM (Keeping Web Accessibility In Mind) that offers training, technical assistance, and services to make the Web a more accessible place for individuals who have disabilities. Dr. Rowland is extensively involved in the National Center for Disability and Access to Education where she is the Technology Director. She works closely with the Consumer Advisory Council and oversees both  KSAR (an award-winning media production facility) and Utah's ECATP (Early Childhood  Alternative Teacher Preparation program).

Dr. Rowland was the Project Director for 2 federally-funded projects that ended in 2015. In one project, she directed a national consortium to provide postsecondary education institutions with the policy tools and techniques they need to improve web accessibility outcomes. This FIPSE-funded project (GOALS Project) worked with regional accreditation bodies and 38 colleges and universities on system-wide change. The second project was a 5-year effort to identify the effects of New Mexico’s K-3 Plus project on student’s academic and social outcomes (K-3 Plus extends a young students school experience by 25 days in the summer preceding kindergarten, first, second, and third grade). This project worked with 7 school districts and 2 universities in New Mexico. The randomized control design of over 2,000 at-risk children along with a cost study of the model provided information useful to policy makers at both state and national levels. It was funded jointly with federal funds (Investing in Innovation, U.S. Dept of Ed), and with significant contributions through private foundations.

Although she demonstrates great technology interests, Dr. Rowland's professional background is as a speech and language pathologist and early childhood special educator. Prior to coming to the Center for Persons with Disabilities she worked in school districts and special centers for 8 years focusing on the communication skills of persons with severe disabilities as well as the development of infants and young children. In 1989 she shifted her career toward personnel preparation and development. Her research interests include the effectiveness of (a) naturalistic teaching strategies, (b) augmentative and alternative communication, (c) technology-mediated learning and mentoring; and (d) Internet accessibility for all.


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