Disability policy framework: 'Ugly laws' and paradigm shifts

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Changes in disability policy, beginning with the Developmental Disabilities Act in 1963, have allowed children with disabilities access to education.

In Chicago, as late as 1974, a person with an obvious physical disability could be fined up to $50 simply for going out in public. San Francisco, Omaha and Columbus (OH) had similar laws on the books.

Jeff Sheen, policy analyst at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities, recently spoke to the CPD’s Interdisciplinary Disability and Service Learning class about disability policy. He said there have been varying definitions of disability throughout the years, from the moral or religious model, which defined disability as the result of evil or a sin committed by the person or his or her parents, to the medical model, where disability is defined as a deficit of some kind within an individual that must be diagnosed and fixed, to the current sociopolitical or civil rights model.

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TOP Sports provided recreational opportunities for more than 150 children and their families last year.

Meet the 2013 CPD Volunteers of the Year

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Emily Larson and Erica Lundahl

Two parents who have taken over the management of TOP Sports, which provides fully inclusive activities such as baseball and T-ball, basketball, soccer, bowling, swimming and art classes for children and youth with disabilities in Cache County, have been named 2013 Volunteers of the Year by Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities.

Emily Larson and Erica Lundahl received the award at a recent TOP Sports t-ball practice at Forrester Acres in Smithfield.

“Emily and Erica make a difference, and they deserve special recognition for what they’ve done,” said Bryce Fifield, CPD director during the presentation.

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TOP Sports

Top Sports activities address the recreational and leisure activity needs of children and youth with disabilities living in Logan and surrounding communities.

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