Play for Good

The Center for Persons with Disabilities invites its friends to come and play.

Play for Good gives people everywhere a chance to flex their brains and contribute to a good cause supported by the CPD. Sponsors will donate a little money whenever players come to the site, which quizzes visitors on word, science and math skills.

For the first quarter the proceeds will go to a scholarship for a person with disabilities. Each new quarter of the year will bring a new cause that players can direct money to.
The bottom of Play for Good's web page tells players what cause they're supporting.
For a look, visit:

Play for Good takes its inspiration from, a vocabulary game supported by sponsors. For every correct question, 20 grains of rice are donated to fight world hunger. On the day it opened, the game donated 830 grains of rice to its cause. From those small beginnings, the idea snowballed. By September 15, 2008, the game's sponsors had donated a total of 43 billion grains. More than 62 million of them were donated on a single day: September 14.

Motivated by freerice, CPD Director Bryce Fifield began working with WebAIM's Jared Smith and Aaron Andersen. (The CPD's WebAIM project deals with making the Web more accessible to people with disabilities, and it has a savvy engineering staff. For more information,visit or click on this month's Featured Website on the upper right corner of this newsletter.) Together, Fifield and the WebAIM engineers created Play for Good.

Fifield hopes the game will do more than raise money for a good cause. It may also be a way for the center's friends and alumni to come back and visit, at least in a virtual way. "I think people are going to have fun with it," he said.

CPD by the numbers

In August alone, 53,777 visitors came to the WebAIM site. Of these, 7,672 visitors came to the site by following links on over 1,450 unique web sites. Nearly half of all visits were from outside the United States.

Darrin Saunders works with his son, DJ, to improve his swing at a golfing night supported by the Smithfield branch of Zions Bank.

Donors support CPD programs, research

From Smithfield, Utah to Short Hills, New Jersey, recent donors and volunteers have helped the Center for Persons with Disabilities reach its goals. Here's a brief look at the help received from in and out of state over the past few months:

An anonymous Utah donor has contributed $68,000 to the CPD's Biomedical Laboratory to continue its research on the causes of autism spectrum disorders. Funds will support student and faculty researchers in their collaboration with other
university research labs throughout the United States.

The new CReATE program got a kick-start from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, based in Short Hills, New Jersey. The foundation awarded a $16,500 grant to help put mobility devices into the hands of Utahns who need it most. See for more information.

A $10,000 donation from Zions Bank is being used to update the Up to 3 playground and to help develop training DVDs for professionals working with people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. A more detailed report can be found at:

The Smithfield branch of Zions Bank supported Top Sports by bringing golf to children with disabilities. Visit for more information.

The Center for Persons with Disabilities thanks the supporters. Because of them, many people are being given new opportunities.

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