WAVE5 beta packed with powerful evaluation tools

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By Sue Reeves

Want to check the weather, get the latest headlines or stump your friends with an obscure bit of trivia? For most people, finding that information is as easy as pulling up their favorite web browser.

For people with disabilities, however, surfing the Web can result in the online equivalent of a riptide or wipeout. Even assistive technology such as screen readers won’t help if the building blocks of a website—its HTML code—are not accessible.

To help web developers and designers create content that’s available to everyone, Web Accessibility In Mind, (WebAIM) at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities has developed a free web site evaluation tool called WAVE.

Users simply type in a URL, upload a file or paste in a piece of HTML code, and WAVE processes the code and looks for access or compliance issues. Users can also download a free toolbar within the Firefox web browser.

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CPD by the numbers

WebAIM’s WAVE4 evaluated 1,187,426 web pages for accessibility in FY 2012.

Lil Marv featured at Pumpkin Walk

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By Sue Reeves

The Center for Persons with Disabilities’ own Lil Marv stars in the Up to 3 program’s display at the North Logan Pumpkin Walk this weekend. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Let the Games Begin,” the blue bull sculpture plays tug of war with child-size stuffed figures, some using assistive technology.

The Child Find Committee thought the Pumpkin Walk display would be a good way to help identify children who need services, said Karen Cox, staff assistant for the Up to 3 program. Thousands of spectators are expected during the five-day event.

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The recently launched WAVE5 beta from WebAIM offers powerful new tools to check web sites for accessibility.

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