CAPSA given nearly $1M in two grants

Reprinted with permission of
The Herald Journal, Dec. 22, 2007

from staff reports

A local non-profit group aimed at aiding victims of domestic violence and sexual assault has received nearly $1 million in grants, officials announced this week.

The U.S. Department of Justice awarded $750,000 to the Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency in Logan; the group also received a separate $200,000 grant.

The majority of the money will go toward developing an education and training program to combat violence against women with disabilities. Some research shows women with disabilities might be abused at higher rates and for longer periods of time, said Dick Baer of the USU Center for Persons with Disabilities, who will be collaborating on this project.

"In addition, they face special obstacles in escaping abuse, particularly dependence on caregivers who perpetrate abuse, he said in a statement released by CAPSA.

The program will work to build a curriculum that can be used in organizations throughout Utah.

The $200,000 grant, awarded by the Daniels Fund, will go toward housing units for victims of domestic violence.

CAPSA has a 32-bed shelter, which has housed more than 370 people so far this year. The housing units will help victims get out on their own and become self-sufficient, officials said.

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