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The vast majority of funds that sustain our work are from grants and contracts. These sources rarely allow flexibility for launching new projects or services. Donations from our friends and supporters like you allow us to fund important work not covered by grants and other contracts. With your help, we will stay on the cutting edge of research, education, and services to address new and emerging needs.

CPD 40th Anniversary

CPD Development Priorities

Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund supports the CPDs Consumer advisory Council, a group of individuals with disabilities, family members, and representatives of government entities and local agencies who work with people with disabilities. This council uses the Community Investment Fund to grant awards to non-profit groups in their communities who are making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Faculty Fellowship Fund

In our efforts to work across disciplines, the CPD recognizes faculty fellows from different departments around the university. Our Faculty Fellows are recognized for the impact their work has on the lives of people with disabilities. The Faculty Fellowship fund supports student stipends and other resources these researchers need to continue their important work.

Family Assistance Fund

At the CPD we recognize one of the greatest challenges people with disabilities and their families face is being able to afford the services they need. The Family Assistance Fund provides families facing the economic stress of a disability with assistance covering co-pays and other small costs associated with the services they receive at the CPD.

Student Capstone Project

The Utah Assistive Technology Program at the CPD has partnered with the department of Mechanical Engineering to develop capstone projects for senior engineering students that are focused on improving or developing assistive technology devices. The devices being developed under this collaboration have the potential to revolutionize the safety, independence and quality of life of people with disabilities.

These are just a few of the over 70 programs at the CPD that help advance the lives of people living with disabilities.

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To support a specific program or project, be sure to specify the program or programs you want your donation to go to when making a gift to the CPD. Gifts without a specific designation will go to the CPD Legacy Fund where they will be distributed to support the Center's priorities and greatest needs.

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