Watch for these faces on the Quad on September 1

August 30, 2010 by JoLynne Lyon

Kelly Smith and Jeff Sheen will be on the quad at USU to answer questions on September 1.

If you are will walk through Utah State University’s Day on the Quad—or you know somebody who is—make sure you watch for these faces from the CPD on September 1. They’ll be there from 10:30 to 2:30.

Information specialist Kelly Smith and volunteer coordinator Jeff Sheen will be handing out information about our volunteer program, our undergraduate research program and the Interdisciplinary Awareness and Service Learning Class. All three of these programs have something in common: they’re looking for committed, good students. For more information, visit Kelly and Jeff on the Quad—and visit this website.

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Latest Newsflash now available

July 1, 2010 by JoLynne Lyon

photo of police emergency lightsThe CPD’s latest NewsFlash focuses on crisis intervention training, which was funded in part by the CPD’s Interagency Outreach Training Initiative program for eight years. This training helps law enforcement officers to learn techniques for dealing with people in a mental health crisis, and those close to the program say it saves lives.

This month’s issue also salutes Eric Monson, who recently graduated from USU and is now training to be a medical scientist. Much of his undergraduate training happened here at the CPD’s biomedical lab.

You can read the full newsletter on the CPD website.

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Research Week recap

April 7, 2010 by JoLynne Lyon

Lori Roggman is the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services' undergraduate research mentor of the year.

Congratulations to CPD faculty members and students who shared their work during Utah State University’s Research Week 2010.

Special recognition goes to Dr. Lori Roggman, the undergraduate research mentor of the year for the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.

Roggman leads the Natural Parenting team of graduate and undergraduate researchers. The team has incorporated the PICCOLO measurement of parenting into its research. PICCOLO is used for observing, tracking, and supporting parenting interactions that lead to positive child outcomes from infancy through preschool. It’s a project of the CPD’s Early Intervention Research Institute.

Students involved in CPD research or employed in CPD projects also presented their work during the Graduate Student Symposium and the Student Showcase.

Graduate presenters included:

Heather Mariger with additional authors Jon Whiting and Kim Rigley, Is Your Web Presence Accessible for Everyone? The Development and Evaluation of a Set of Institutional Indicators of Institution-Wide Web Accessibility, mentored by Dr. Cyndi Rowland;

Kristen Kelley with additional author Joy S. Pollard, Comparison of Interactive Video Instruction and In Vivo Teacher Instruction on Acquisition and Generalization of Expressive Object Labeling in Children with Autism, mentored by Dr. Thomas Higbee;

Joy Pollard with additional author Alison M. Betz, A Script-fading Procedure to Promote Unscripted Bids for Joint Attention in Children with Autism, mentored by Dr. Thomas Higbee;

Tyra Sellers and Katie Snyder, Using Progressive-Ratio Schedules to Validate Results of Preference Assessments, mentored by Dr. Thomas Higbee;

Tyra Sellers (main author; Dr. Andrew Samaha was an additional author), Using Progressive-Ratio Schedules to Validate Results of Preference Assessments, mentored by Dr. Sarah Bloom;

Katie Snyder, Evaluation of a Video-based Preference Assessment for Children with Autism, mentored by Dr. Thomas Higbee.

Undergraduate presenters included:

Daniel Roberts presents during Research Week at Utah State University.

Tina Peck and Daniel Roberts, Promoting Employment Opportunities for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Cache County, mentored by Dr. Judith Holt;

Allisa Blackburn and Jessica Shaw,The Relationship among Income, Education, Maternal Language  Input, and Maternal Book-Sharing Practices in Wordless and Printed Book Contexts, mentored by Sandra Gillam and Dr. Lisa Boyce;

Kara Stone and Mary Yates, Up to 3 Program, mentored by Judith Holt.

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