CPD Legacy Story: Traegan Jones

July 14, 2011 by cpehrson

This Legacy Story is written by Heather Jones, the mother of Traegan, who receives services from the Up to 3 Early Intervention program.  This story was originally written as a post on her family blog.

I feel like a good mom for the first time in a while. 🙂 Not because I’m sitting here blogging, but because Traegan is doing so much better!

Traegan has never been a big talker. Or a big eater, like he doesn’t eat anything. Or a great sleeper. I just have always assumed that was all normal for my child, but things are so much better now.

About a month ago, I took Traegan to the doctor to get the rash around his mouth looked at. (“It’s Wet/Dry Cycle. It’s nothing serious and pretty much impossible to get rid of.” Yea.) While there I mentioned how I was worried about Trae’s speech.

Everyone, including the doctor, told me not to worry about it. That he would talk when he was ready and he was fine. But because a member of my family had some pretty severe speech delays, I was worried. I know how beneficial it is to catch problems like that early and get them caught up to “normal” before entering school. Plus, I had a sneaking suspicion that his delay was due to me not teaching or engaging him in the correct ways.

The doctor gave me the number for the Up to 3 Program. Best. Program. Ever. It is a free evaluation, so worst case scenario, he qualifies for services and best case, they say he is fine and I have peace of mind.

Anyway, he barely qualified for speech therapy. And in about two weeks he has about 7 new words. It has been a drastic change. He is trying so much harder to talk, understanding more, and is much happier. And I am properly equipped to help him now. I now know how to talk to him and how to play with him so that he can learn easier.

Also, as part of this whole thing, we met with a nutritionist. There I found out that Traegan was drinking WAY too much milk. Go me. And because of that, he was always full. Now that we have remedied that, the boy eats like a champ. And he is sleeping so much better now.

So all in all, that was the best phone call I have ever made. I’m so glad I did it.

I’m not going to lie. I sometimes felt like a failure mom during the process. But that is just dumb. I’m a first time mom who doesn’t know everything and is okay admitting it. Help is available, why not use it? I’m so grateful that programs like that exist because sometimes you just need to ask for help.

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