DSL Cookbooks make a great stocking stuffer!

December 11, 2014 by Sue Reeves

DSL cookbook cover for blogNeed a last minute stocking stuffer? Or some new ideas for feeding family and guests this holiday season?

Your friends at DSL have you covered. We have assembled 125+ our favorite holiday recipes into an 8 1/2 x 11-inch, spiral-bound cookbook for you to take home and enjoy with your family. They also make great gifts.

As you share these fun and delicious recipes with loved ones, you will also be making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. All the proceeds will go to provide respite care and support for DSL participants and their families.

Pre-order your DSL Family Cookbooks for $15 at the front office of the CPD. If you buy three, you’ll get one free! The cookbooks will be available for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 18 (delivery can be arranged).

An un-bound proof copy of the cookbook is available to preview in the CPD main office (Caution! it will make you hungry!)


Giving Tree still has ornaments!

The CPD Giving Tree still has ornaments representing gifts for CPD client families who need a little extra help this year. Stop by the CPD main office to choose an ornament (or make a cash donation, and we’ll do the shopping for you!). The gifts will be presented to the families after the CPD Holiday Party on Friday, Dec. 19.


Heidi’s Happenings: Halloween fun and football!

November 17, 2014 by Sue Reeves

Heidi Hill is a guest blogger for the CPD’s Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), a day program for adults with disabilities. Heidi loves to type and each month she’ll be sharing the fun activities that she and her “buds” are doing at DSL.

USU football players with DSL participant

DSL participant CJ surrounded by USU football players.

All of the DSL-buds spookified the entire work-site upon this high campus. We made cylinder-candles in the shape of an actual mummy. University buds also wore costumes. We listened to spooky music. We also painted pumpkins. Everybody just had the greatest moments ever. We’ll never forget what you guys have done around here. On Halloween we all loaded up and went to Pizza Pie Café in our costumes for lunch!  We had lots of fun eating salad and pizza!

We also attended one amazing Pumpkin Walk and so enjoyed all the scenes that were there.  Daurie’s favorite was one of Lucy selling Vita Meata Vegemin.

We also went to the pumpkin patch and everyone chose their own pumpkin, then they politely thanked those kind men so much for inviting their favorite buds into the patch exactly where those orange pumpkins grow huge, fat, round, orange, pumpkin. Heidi and her buds enjoyed Halloween.

All of Heidi’s buds went to the apple orchard, too. When everybody reached there, they saw lots of apples picked, cored, and then made into apple juice, applesauce and apple-cider. Everybody thought that those products were mighty yummy. That apple orchard has the tallest trees that Heidi and her friends had ever seen, this year. Those apple products really were juicy, and super yummy, other than being sticky and messy, they tasted OK!

The most exciting thing that happened here at the worksite was that a whole bunch of USU football players came to visit us! They were just about the biggest guys Heid and the buds had ever seen! They talked about football and how early they have to get up—at 6:30! They have to practice to be their very best. They played with us, and we each got a genuine, official photo with their autographs!

Whew!  We were busy in october!

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Heidi’s Happenings: A Visit to the Fire Station

October 15, 2014 by Sue Reeves

Heidi Hill is a guest blogger for the CPD’s Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), a day program for adults with disabilities. Heidi loves to type and each month she’ll be sharing the fun activities that she and her “buds” are doing at DSL.

Image of woman in party hat.

We celebrated Marla’s birthday in September!

This month at the DSL worksite we had lots of fun! We celebrated many birthdays in September!

Heidi Sue and the buds were able to visit one fire station. When Heidi and the buds had reached this brick building, they saw some really long fire poles. They also saw some really long silver fire ladders. Everyone who went down there asked the crewmembers about how they can quickly save lives of people in traffic accidents. Heidi Sue watched how the Jaws of Life worked!

We also had one barbeque with Common Ground Outdoor Adventures. It was lots of fun and we had lots of hamburgers and hotdogs.

We also had another great party just ‘neath this six-poled pavilion. When all of the buds just were clustered outdoors, they heard their family members directly pull in. All the food really was super good. We had hot dogs and chili and lots of yummy food. It was great that our family members could join us for that pavilion opening. We are very happy that now we have a groovy pavilion right outside our worksite doorstep.

We also did window art in September, and it was lots of fun. We did food fun and made yogurt parfaits. We are excited for apples, and the Pumpkin Walk in October!

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DSL plans holiday cookbook

October 13, 2014 by Sue Reeves

30877704.thbStaff at the Developmental Skills Lab will be creating a Christmas cookbook for friends and family, and they need your help!

“We would appreciate your family favorite recipes,” said DSL staff member Daurie Bastian. “ Whether healthy, sweet, comforting–any and all recipes will be welcome!  They don’t have to be Christmas recipes, but please include your Christmas recipes!

Our participants love cooking, and I know they would love to share recipes with their friends and families.”

Bastian asks contributors to e-mail at least five recipes to her by October 31. Include your name, relationship to the DSL or to a participant, and the story behind the recipe. The cookbooks will be given out at the annual DSL Christmas Party as a gift from the participants.

“I hope you will participate in this fun project,” Bastian said. “I know I love recipes, and I would love to have a collection from the ‘DSL Worksite,’ as Heidi Sue would say! Ok, on your mark, get set, send me recipes!”

Send your recipes to Bastian at daurie.bastian@usu.edu.


DSL adds picnic space

September 24, 2014 by Sue Reeves

Man grilling hot dogs.

Drake Rasmussen grills hot dogs for the DSL picnic pavilion dedication.

A new addition to the Developmental Skills Laboratory at Utah State University’s Center for Persons with Disabilities will make every day a picnic day.

According to Drake Rasmussen, DSL program director, the new backyard pavilion gives the program more space for the 17 day program participants to enjoy sunny Cache Valley summer days.

“We love picnics,” Rasmussen said. “We go on them all the time. It’s good to have the opportunity to do it every day when it’s nice outside.”

The pavilion was recently dedicated at a lunch-time event for participants and their families.

“We hope to do a picnic like this annually,” Rasmussen said, adding that in the past, families have requested events such as this one.

USU facilities removed old bushes along fenceline at the back of the yard, opening up a beautiful view of the Wellsville Mountains, and did extensive concrete repairs before the pavilion was built.

DSL participants and their families can enjoy shady picnics under the new pavilion.

DSL participants and their families can enjoy shady picnics under the new pavilion.