CPD Legacy Story: Jeffrey Hansen

May 12, 2011 by cpehrson

Jeff Hansen

Our son Jeff has been attending the Developmental Skills Lab (DSL) for almost a year. DSL, formerly known as Bear River Activity and Skill Center (BRASC), is a program at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at USU. A few years prior to going to DSL, Jeff had attended another day services program but gradually became disinterested and began asking if he could stay home until he just stopped going. In May of 2010 we began to look for a day services provider that would meet Jeff’s needs. We visited several places and after visiting BRASC, Jeff said “I want to go there”.

From the very first day, Jeff has enjoyed his experience at DSL; he looks forward to going and being with his friends, and of course, he considers everyone there his friend. Although Jeff has to get up quite early in order to be ready when the DSL van gets there to pick him up, he eagerly does so and is ready and waiting when the van gets there.

Jeff has always had a pleasant personality, but he went through a period where he had become somewhat withdrawn and seemed uncomfortable around people. Since he has been going to DSL I believe he has become more outgoing and just seems happier. He watches the calendar and keeps track of scheduled activities and enjoys the various outings, especially if they have anything to do with eating.

In early March, Jeff had to undergo back surgery. When he was brought to his room after surgery and still groggy from anesthesia, he began asking where certain people were. After asking about his brothers, he then asked about some of the staff at DSL. It appears he holds the DSL staff in pretty high regards.

While recovering from surgery, Jeff had to take a few weeks off attending DLS and was very anxious to get back. Although he does need a walker, he has now recovered enough to once again attend, what appears to be, one of his favorite places to be.

On behalf of Jeff, we are very appreciative of the staff at DSL.  May you continue to make a difference in the lives of the special people you serve.

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