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Families urged to contact state legislators in support of waiver

JoLynne Lyon


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In January 2019, the Governor released a budget investing $28.4 million in ongoing services for people with disabilities, including a new Medicaid waiver operated by the Division of Services for People with Disabilities. This would allow an estimated 2,000 youth and adults with disabilities to receive services right away, rather than go through the years of waiting that often stretches between the time they need services and the time they receive them.

Now, the CPD, the Utah Parent Center and the Disability Law Center are urging supporters to contact their state legislators and let them know how the Limited Supports Waiver will help them and their loved ones.

How can you help?

Supporters can contact their state senator and representative and members of the Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee by phone, through social media using #Support2kfamilies, or in person to let them know how the Limited Supports Waiver would help. Not sure who your legislator is? Find them on the Utah State Legislature website.

Why does this matter?

People with disabilities currently spend years waiting for services to allow them to live, work and play in their communities. This funding will help an additional 2,000 people with disabilities and their families get help now. Proposed services under the new waiver include:

  • Family training;
  • Support coordination;
  • Respite;
  • Behavior consultation.

How will this affect people currently receiving DSPD services?

If approved, this waiver will not change the existing DSPD waivers. It will offer services through a new Medicaid waiver to an additional 2,000 people.

For more information, watch this Facebook Live presentation from the Utah Parent Center and the Disability Law Center.


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