A day in the life of DSL

July 3, 2017 by JoLynne Lyon

Marla smiles


Heidi used to give us monthly updates from the Developmental Skills Lab. Then she moved. We miss her, and we’re working on a replacement, but for the time being here’s a look at DSL life in the summer.

It involves a lot of fingernail polish. Marla was grinning while I admired her newly-done manicure. “Beautiful,” she said.


photo of Marla

Marla displays some glittery fingernails.

The DSL common room has  a wall filled with completed puzzles. These are mostly the work of Judy, who loves the art of puzzle assembly. And math. And puzzles. (The photo does not begin to show all the puzzle wall art she has done.)

Photo of Judy in front of puzzles.

Judy sits in front of her work.


Sara reads.

“I like it here,” Sara said. “I like reading. I like doing puzzles. Puzzles and coloring.” She also enjoys her computer time. “Sometimes I check my emails,” she said. When she’s not at DSL, she’s working at Malouf as a janitor. “I like making good friends.”


Reed with a book.

Reed loves Yahtzee. It’s his favorite game.


photo of Julie

Julie works out.

Julie likes art and working out.

photo of Lupita

Lupita at work.

Lupita enjoys working on Spanish. “I like to talk to friends,” she said. She also enjoys yoga, push-ups, and swimming.

Stay tuned for more updates from DSL!

3 Responses to “A day in the life of DSL”

  • JoLynne Lyon Says:

    Julie, thanks for the comment! The best way to receive updates is to follow us on the social media platform of your choice. Our Facebook and Twitter buttons are in the blue bar at the top of this blog.

  • Julie Carlisle Says:

    I sure miss seeing these cuties every day! Marla always has the prettiest nails and I miss playing Yahtzee with Reed and Cindy! Sara is such a sweet heart too. How can I sign up to be on your mailing list?

  • Daurie Says:

    Thank you for posting such fun pictures of our crew! We love to have fun, do our nails (on Friday), puzzles, (after we work on life skills). We also love to go out into the community. In the summer we swim and have recently discovered the HPER open swim, which is soooo much fun for us. We have two participants to volunteer to do a monthly blog, we will start this month! We also have Summer Program for kids who are under 22. They are very busy every day.. We will also write about that in our blog!!!

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