Look for Lil Marv at the Cache County Fair

August 8, 2012 by JoLynne Lyon

A boy rides a marked-up Lil Marv

As many of you know, the CPD started its foray into art, history and livestock this month with the arrival of ten bull sculptures. In the Aggie Stampede, the CPD joins with the Logan Downtown Alliance and  local businesses in celebrating 40 years of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Local artists will decorate the sponsored bulls, which will appear in downtown Logan. You can read more about the Aggie Stampede on our website.

But first, the herd will appear at the Cache County Fair this week. One of them is the CPD’s own Lil Marv, named in honor of Marvin Fifield, one of the CPD’s founders.

We’ve painted Lil Marv in Aggie Blue chalkboard paint, invested in colored chalk and field-tested him with some young local artists. Our conclusion: Lil Marv’s a hit.

So bring your young artists to the Cache County Fair and look for us. (We love participation, but please, if you weigh more than a preschooler, it’s best if you don’t ride the bull. You sure can draw on him, though!) Lil Marv should be pretty easy to spot. While you’re at the fair you can find out more about the CPD and some of its projects:  the National Children’s Study-Utah, the Up to 3 program and the Traumatic Brain Injury Partnership.

You’ll also find out how to link into our Facebook and Twitter accounts or sign up for our newsletter.

See you at the fair!